Magnus René and Johan Brandt (CEO and CFO) Announce Plans to Leave Arcam

Mr. Magnus René, President and Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Johan Brandt, Chief Financial Officer and deputy CEO, have both resigned from their positions with Arcam.

René has been CEO of Arcam, a supplier of additive manufacturing technology, since 2001; Brandt has been CFO since 2012. René has a notice period of six months and will remain until a new CEO is appointed, or at the latest June 3, 2018. Brandt has a notice period of three months and will remain in his position until a new CFO is appointed, or at the latest until April 30, 2018. 

“I have had a fantastic journey, being part of the team building Arcam during those 16 years,” René said in a prepared statement. “Today, Arcam is well positioned, with a great team, world-class products, strong leadership in our companies and a strong cash position after the recently concluded share issue. With GE as majority owner, this is a good time for me to move on and for a new CEO to take over and develop the company in the new environment.”

In 2016, Arcam was part of GE Additive’s U.S. $1.4BB investment in additive technology, materials and services worldwide.

Arcam announced in 2015 that it was increasing its efforts toward business development in the U.S. As part of those efforts, René was relocated to the U.S. Subsequently, Brandt was appointed Executive Vice President and CFO of Arcam.

In the past year alone, Arcam has taken numerous strategic steps to expand, including:

  • Spin-out of Arcam EBM as a dedicated unit
  • Launch of a new branding identify to unify Arcam EBM, AP&C and DiSanto Technology
  • Partnerships with Stryker and Oerlikon
  • A new powder facility to AP&C in Quebec
  • Launch of a 3D Printing Campus build for Concept Laser in Lichtenfels, Germany.

Source: Arcam